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3D digital orthodontic model 

Through high accuracy SLA 3D printing technique, Regenbone provides orthodontic model that is exactly the same as real teeth in every detail. The model can be used for clinical communication between dentists and patients, study model or other clinical use such as tooth crown manufacturing, aligners, splints quads and dies, etc.

Indirect Bound Tray

With advanced bracket-position software Regenbone creates precise indirect bonding tray (IBT). Regenbone IBT position the brackets and fit with the patients’ teeth perfectly. Now dentists can Install the whole set of bracket in just a few simple steps. Regenbone IBT provides great experience for both dentists and patients. 


Retainer are made under dentition after orthodontic correction, which to sustain the correct position is vital. In our design, the scan can be manufactured through the advanced 3D printing with almost no deviation between the dentition and the retainer, the dentition can be sustained with a perfect occlusion status afterwards. 

Surgey Guide

Regenbone Surgery Guide make digital implant a lot easier and less time consuming. The surgery Guide can let the digital implant more easily and less time consuming, and also provide high accuracy. Through the advanced implant software, we can simulate the best position for implantation. The surgery guide can be designed under the simulation, simply the surgery procedure with the correct angle and position. 

Orthodontic occlusion models

Regenbone occlusion models confirm the status of  occlusion between crown and tooth bridge to avoid excessive occlusion and malocclusion. Traditional impression model undergo multiple molding process and lose the accuracy. Regenbone occlusion models made by digital scanning method can actually fulfilled the purpose of simple and precise.


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Oral Scan Service




Regenbone equipped with 3shape trios oral scanner and high accuracy table 3D scanner, we provide digital file of both oral scan and traditional impression model.

With the latest 3shape trios oral scanner, we provide the high precise digital oral scan with multiple usability. With high accuracy of 3D digital image, the digital oral scanning can save the time for traditional impression model and provide high quality medical experience for the patients.

3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner provides precise digital oral scan with multiple usability. Compare with traditional impression model, accurate digital oral scanning gives patients outstanding medical experience and save a lot of time. 

Who We Are

Regenbone Biomedical Inc.

Regenbone focuses on the possibility of 3D printing in medical use, dedicates in developing medical 3D printing equipment and provides customized medical device manufacturing services, under ISO 13485 and GMP manufacturing standard.

In dentistry, we focus on simplify the time-consuming diagnostic and therapeutic process using the latest 3D printing technology, lowering the surgery time, bring higher efficiency to the dentist and dental technician, and better satisfaction for the patients.

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